Admiralty Arch will be transformed into the finest hotel in London and the only one with such unique royal and political heritage dating back to the 1900s.

HotelLife at Admiralty Arch

100 elegant rooms and suites are being created in the south wing of the building, all with views along The Mall or towards Trafalgar Square. 

Twelve of the worlds’ leading hotel groups expressed interest in managing London’s Admiralty Arch. In October 2017, Prime Investors Capital appointed Waldorf Astoria as the operator of the hotel which, shall be known as Admiralty Arch Waldorf Astoria, London. The iconic hotel will offer guests the ultimate bespoke service, beyond the expectations of a 5-star hotel. Rooms and suites will be configured to cater for the requirements of international and local guests.

Guests will enter through an imposing entrance situated at the side of Admiralty Arch (on Admiralty Place) and will be checked into their rooms within minutes, with their bags carefully stored in the room beforehand. Rooms will feature not only outstanding design, the most comfortable beds, chairs and sofas but also the latest technology to communicate with the outside world.

The Mall and Admiralty Arch as the gatehouse to Buckingham Palace

The hotel will benefit from the outstanding quality of Sir Aston Webb’s historic design, using direct references to the original architectural drawings and detailing from 1910 to restore and recreate the historic splendour of the building. 

The public areas of the hotel will be renovated to reflect the Grade I listed building status of Admiralty Arch.

Unparalleled views of The Mall from the Restaurant to be at Admiralty Arch

The Admiralty Arch hotel will also feature one of the most talked about restaurants in London. Located on the first bridging floor of the arch, it will be open to both hotel guests and the public, offering table views directly down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. This room will be open to the public for the first time in the building’s history.  There will also be a restaurant on both the inside and outside of the roof terrace, offering sought-after views of Central London’s most popular destinations.

Horse_(Cleveland_Bay)_Drawn_Clarence_(Brougham)_Carriage_&_Victoria_Memorial,_Buckingham_Palace,_Westminster,_London_(3795290693)Horse-drawn carriage outside Buckingham Palace similar to those envisaged for Admiralty Arch hotel guests

The Spa at Admiralty Arch will be an oasis of calm and the ultimate place to relax in the heart of vibrant, central London. Featuring an indoor swimming pool, treatment rooms, sauna, steam room and a yoga/pilates room, the spa will be run by a team of the top wellness and fitness experts in London. It is also just minutes from the outside beauty of St. James’s Park enabling guests to exercise amid the majesty of the ultimate Royal Park.

0996_001-(dragged)Sample illustration of the hotel interior 

– Environmental Policy & Sustainable Values –

At Admiralty Arch, we recognise and embrace our responsibility to protect the environment, by minimising our ecological footprint.  Every member of the team is fully committed to pursuing a sustainable approach to hospitality, by merging environmental practices with corporate decisions wherever possible throughout the hotel.  Sustainability is a key feature of staff training for all employees. Our green policy includes striving to procure products and services from companies that share our values and we will work with our suppliers to reduce packaging and transport.  We will recycle goods wherever possible through in-house recycling schemes and donations to charities.  Every effort to reduce energy and water consumption will be made wherever possible and annual targets will be set to ensure these reductions are being achieved. Energy saving features have been incorporated into the design of the hotel.  This process began during the construction of the model rooms.  We employed a team of UK craftsmen to provide goods and services from companies that have demonstrated commitment to using sustainable materials.  For joinery and furniture, suppliers used timber covered by CITES, or that come from FSC sources. Our guest keys are made of wood from Scandinavia. They are not only biodegradable, but research has shown that switching from PVC to sustainable cards reduces harmful carbon emissions by 50%.


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