August 2020

Forbes Magazine

Lauren Jade Hill, Forbes;

Having worked for firms such as Hopkins Architects and on the design of hospitality projects such as the Delano Hotel in Miami, David Archer established Archer Humphryes Architects with fellow architect Julie Ann Humphryes in 2002. The design firm’s portfolio of lifestyle spaces for eating, drinking and sleeping now includes London’s Great Northern Hotel and The Beach Samui, with major ongoing projects including contributing to the transformation of London landmark Admiralty Arch. 

“The retrenchment of ever increasing travel and accessibility requires a significant adjustment on behalf of the hospitality industry. Ideas of success and ‘a good time’ have radically changed and so the aspirations of recent years of packed bars and excitement in hotel public areas have been replaced with an emphasis on family and friends, safety and responsibility. This places an increased importance on the hotel room experience being at the core of the offering.”

“This trend could lower room density in hotels where smaller rooms have often encouraged guests to use public areas. In this way, traditional ideals of hotel life being an escape from home and a special occasion regain greater currency. The challenge is to find the correct language in regards to both service and design to meet these new emotions and behavioural patterns while maintaining the highest standards of openness and inclusivity.”