“The Manufacture Prelle is working in many fabulous projects and is especially honoured to have been asked by MHZ to produce the silk Art – J.-E. Ruhlmann’s drawing – for the decoration of rooms at Admiralty Arch. Prelle is proud to be involved in the restoration of this famous monument.”

Guillaume Verzier, CEO

Heritage restorations or private, since 1752 Prelle manufacture, a family business for five generations, devotes his know-how to architects and decorators. The strong point of the Prelle manufacture is to have managed to bring together several generations of weaving loom, from the hand looms, which are the only ones on which certain flock velvets and silk or gold and silver brocades can be woven, right up to the most modern computerised looms without sacrificing the quality or the beauty of the fabrics. A standard bearer of the French luxury trade Prelle et Cie are proud to offer their services based on the experience of over 200 years, to a clientele to whom the pursuit of excellence and the maintenance of the highest standards, remain of primary importance.