Julian Freeman-Attwood


It is a pleasure and an honour to be working on such an important landmark as Admiralty Arch for Prime Investors and their great team.  I have known David Mlinaric for well over 40 years and have supplied fine English Oak flooring for his clients, from country estates to London houses.

Julian Freeman-Attwood,   Founder


Using a lifelong passion and knowledge of Britain’s native broadleaf trees, Julian Freeman-Attwood cuts a large proportion of his English Oak trees on the quarter which means that it shows fine figuring on the surface and by this method is rendered very stable.  That is why this method of cutting has been so lauded by furniture makers over the centuries. The Oak butts are sourced from private estates and the National Trust. When sawn green, these boards are laid down to air dry for 2 to 3 years prior to kiln drying and it is this long period of slow drying that is the key, just as it is when laying down good wine.  English Oak cut from slow grown trees, shows a greater depth of colour, interest and durability than imported European stock.  We believe fine flooring is an essential ingredient of any well-appointed room, whether a private house or hotel.  Our floors can be seen in buildings ranging from Chatsworth to prime London residences.