Collier Webb


“At Collier Webb we always feel privileged when asked to craft lighting and hardware for prestigious projects in our capital city. However, we are especially delighted to be working with Prime Investors Capital on their Admiralty Arch development, particularly with the knowledge that the public will now have the opportunity to appreciate this historic building and its newly created spaces from within.”

Geoff Collier, Founder

The Collier Webb Foundry has been manufacturing brass, bronze, aluminium and silver castings for almost 40 years. By perfecting the traditional techniques of lost wax and sand casting, they have been able to produce a huge range of architectural hardware, furniture mounts and lighting products which have been specially designed to assist restorers, architects and interior designers with their projects. The foundry is situated on the south coast of England and the vast majority of work is completed in-house by a team of skilled craftsmen using a combination of traditional techniques and the latest technologies

Cast largely in bronze, the metalwork employs lost-wax or sand-casting, a demanding process requiring the knowledge and skill of a master practitioner. Similarly well made, the collection’s tables, chairs and étagères are inspired by 19th and early 20th century Campaign and Expedition furniture.