Brian Turner Trimmings


“Admiralty Arch is  a complete gem in the heart of London. The restoration will bring the building to life and it is a pleasure and honour to have been asked to supply trimmings to this prestigious project.”

Brian Turner, Founder

Originally started as G J. Turner & Co. (trimmings) Ltd. in 1899 by the current owner’s grandfather and passed on to his son, F.G.A. Turner, who ran it successfully for many years, only closing for the war years and passing it on to Brian Turner in 1985. Brian Turner has been working with trimmings for more than 40 years and has a unique and extensive knowledge of their manufacture, manufacturing the best hand made trimmings for the most prestigious interiors around the world. All of the extensive range of items they can produce are made traditionally by their staff in the UK. They can reproduce any antique or historical trimming or design new items to fit the latest interior, which can be made from any yarn including everything from pure silk to hemp to paper to metal.