Anna Benn Garden Design


“As someone who visited my grandfather at Admiralty Arch as a child, I am thrilled and honoured to be playing a small part in such an iconic building’s regeneration.  The arch is the gateway between the bustle of Trafalgar Square and the tranquility of St James Park and so I am excited to be bringing greenery and flowers into both the interior and exterior of the building in a way sympathetic to the building and period in which it was built and suggesting the park outside”

Anna Benn, Owner

Anna Benn is a Garden Designer based in Oxford, specializing in planting but experienced in all aspects of garden design and construction.

Anna has designed a wide variety of gardens from small urban roof terraces to family gardens and larger landscapes. Drawn to wilder, less formal styles of planting she is flexible in her approach and able to work in different styles. She works closely with her clients and responds sensitively to each garden’s site and surroundings to arrive at design and planting solutions that respond to individual needs and the demands of the site.

Before training as a garden designer Anna was a publisher and author writing about Russia. She continues to work on occasional books including commissioning and editing Dan Pearson’s Spirit: Garden Inspiration (Fuel, 2009). Her twin passions of Russia and gardens were combined in  2014 when appointed Director of Garden Projects by the Anton Chekhov Foundation with a view to restoring Chekhov’s Garden in Yalta, a project which was put on hold in 2014. She continues to work for the foundation, exploring the creation of a Chekhov garden in this country.